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23rd April 2019

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The Italian Job - where are they now?

Quite incredibly, it is 50 years since The Italian Job made its premiere on the silver screen.     

This 1969 British crime caper, which officially starred Michael Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill amongst others, is famous for its incredible car chases through Turin, but it is undoubtedly these vehicles that were the real stars of the movie.     

  • Lamborghini Miura
  • Aston Martin DB4 Convertible
  • Jaguar E-Type Roadster
  • Bedford Val Coach
  • OM Furgonato Sicurezza ‘Bullion’ Van
  • And of course, the iconic red, white and blue Mini Coopers!

Now considered an absolute classic, the film sees a team of British thieves steal a shipment of gold bullion and transfer it through the streets, staircases and sewers of Turin in three modified Mini Coopers. The stunts and the car chases in this are as fresh and exciting as they were when the film was first released but what has happened to the starring cars 50 years later?     

We highly recommend that you read this fascinating article which not only offers some fascinating stories about the vehicles and where they ended up as well as busting some myths along the way! …………     

Read the  article by David Milloy on Influx website


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