Office Bearers 2023/24

Position Name
President Capt. The Hon. G Maitland-Carew CBE
Vice Presidents Mr J (Robin) Wild, Mr David Pratt
Chairman Keith Watson
Vice Chairman Christopher Biggs
Club Secretary Kenneth Wilson
Treasurer Helen Grimes
Club Management Convener Christopher Biggs
Thirlestane BVAC Classic Management Convener Edward Maitland-Carew
Committee members
Dennis Fortune
Paul Hann
David Hunter
Jono Hunter
Ian Lindley
Fred Magill
Phil Titley
David Watt
Mike Webber
Philip Weiss

Fair work statement

Whilst the BVAC is a voluntary lead organisation and does not currently employ any staff, we are committed to providing a fair and enjoyable environment for all our volunteers, contractors and suppliers involved in the delivery of our activities. We only seek to work with partners who share these values. As such, in line with the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First Guidance, we require that all our suppliers and contractors are:

  • Committed to paying the Real Living Wage
  • Providing effective voice conditions for staff
  • Not using any zero hour contracts
  • Committed to tackling the gender pay gap & to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Opposed to the use of fire and re-hire practice