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Welcome to the BVAC Members Forum.

By continuing to use this forum and in the interests of a welcoming and non threatening community we expect you to have read, understood and will follow the forum rules linked below: Forum Rules This forum is provided by the BVAC for the benefit of Club members and enthusiasts. The forum is administered and moderated by Club members. Use of the forum is subject to the terms and rules set out below. By registering to use the forum, you agree to abide by these rules, and any subsequent revisions, which have been set out with the best interest of the community in mind. Please keep in mind that everybody behind the day-to-day running of the forum volunteers their time freely. The team will always act in good faith, and all that we ask in return is that you respect our decisions. 1.General Disclaimer Applicable to all Forums. Any work you do to your car is entirely your own responsibility. If in any doubt, you should check technical advice with an independent, qualified person who has seen your car. The BVAC and its officers accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your person or property as a result of you following or not following the advice offered in any Forum post. 2. Forum Membership a) Each Member of the BVAC is permitted one login account which will be linked to their Club membership and will allow access to all members only forum sections for so long as they remain a paid up Club member. b) Forum registrations will not be accepted where the username chosen represents a trading business or sole trader and is registered with the intent to try and bypass advertising rules. c) Registering with multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. Users opening and posting from multiple accounts are liable to a permanent ban for all accounts. d) You must register with a valid email address. This email address will be the only way that Administrators can make contact with you. e) The Administrators reserve the right to ban anyone who wilfully & persistently violates the forum rules. f) While these rules will cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently the Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. 3. Discussion The primary function of this forum is to allow BVAC members to freely chat about all sorts of classic car things. The exchange of information, guidance, expert opinion and input is encouraged, but, people can and will disagree. a) Please make use of the Search Function or the Technical Guides before posting a question; your question may have already been answered. b) Please respect that this is the natural way of things and don’t be offensive or rude if you disagree, or are disagreed with. Explaining your argument in a mature manner will gain you much more respect than shouting from your soap box without thought for what you’re writing. c) The BVAC promotes safe and responsible driving. Therefore, discussions about any driving behaviour that breaks the rules of the Road Traffic Act will not be permitted anywhere on this forum. d) We’re not clinicians, social workers, relationship counsellors and suchlike. So don’t post about personal problems, relationships; these posts will be removed. e) There will be no discussion of sex, religion or politics. These subjects are always divisive and always result in the thread being locked. 4. Moderating a) All posts made to the forum are subject to moderation, through moving, deletion or editing. b) Please keep posts on topic and relevant to the section in which they are posted. With regard to the content of posts, if you wouldn’t allow a child to read what you’ve written, then please don’t post it. c) The moderators have been chosen carefully and will only edit/delete posts when they feel it is necessary. d) Moderators are not obliged to inform you if your post has been edited/deleted/moved. In general, a notification will be made if it is felt to aid your experience of the forum (e.g. moving a post to a more appropriate section). e) Posts in the main forum about moderators, or moderating decisions, will be removed without notice or discussion. Please see the note below if you have a grievance. 5. Cross Posting a) Multiple posts with the same content in different forum sections are not allowed. The posts in all but the most relevant section will be removed by the moderators. 6. Inappropriate behaviour Inappropriate behaviour on the forum may lead to that forum member being banned, without warning for a period or permanently. Inappropriate behaviour includes: a) Threats, including implied threats. b) Personal insults against other forum members and moderators/administrators, in posts or in signatures. c) Any form of bullying. d) Petty bickering; take personal arguments elsewhere. e) Trolling/ baiting/ flaming. f) Racist or homophobic comments. g) Sexism or other discriminatory behaviour. h) Offensive language, or attempts to beat the banned words censor by using Minced Oaths or similar. i) Blatant sexual innuendo. j) Any other forms of Hate Speech. k) Stalking. l) Posting personal details of other Forum members without their permission, including, but not limited to, home address, email addresses, images. m) Forum or thread bombing, e.g. posts with meaningless gibberish etc. n) False representation or impersonation. o) Altering quotes to the detriment of the original poster. p) Attempts to criticise or belittle other Community Forums. We are a diverse community, with a common love of the car. Lets keep it that way. q) Editing/deleting your posts such to disrupt the flow of a thread. 7. Banning policy a) Bans from the forum may be permanent or temporary (1 day to 1 month). b) The length of the ban will be in direct relationship of the seriousness of the offence, as determined by the Administrators. c) There is no appeal process. 8. Private Messages (PM) a) If you send someone a private message, there is no need to announce it on the forum. If they visit the forum, they will get it. b) Private messages are that; private messages. Do not repeat them on the forum, without the express permission of the originator. If you feel a PM violates Forum rules, please feel free to report it to one of the Admin, who will deal with it in a sensitive and confidential manner. c) If you are sent a PM you must not publish it on this, or any other, website without the consent of the author. If the content is questionable, please contact the forum admin (same applies to emails). d) We do not tolerate threatening or aggressive PMs. Such behaviour will result in a ban from the forum and may result in expulsion from the forums. e) Any attempt to imply a threat, through code or suchlike, to any member of the Forum via the PM, will also be treated as a serious violation of the Forum rules. f) The administrators reserve the right to view and discuss PMs (such as in the event of a complaint, etc). 9. Images a) Inappropriate images may not be posted or linked to. Images or links to such images will be removed. 10. Advertising General Sale Ads a) Advertising is allowed by Members only. These must be posted in the relevant for-sale forum. Club members may post an advert on behalf of a friend, however repeated advertising of goods or services provided by or on behalf of a non Club member by a Club member is not permitted. In the instance of a vehicle being for sale, the ad must contain pictures of the car for sale, the location of the vehicle and a price asked. It is strongly advised that all contact between buyers and sellers is carried out via the PM system. Whenever you visit the forum, PM’s are at the very top of the front page. The for sale forum is not a place for discussion, any irrelevant posts will be removed. b) Any ads posted in the wrong place will be moved without notice. c) Any “How much do you think my car is worth” type threads will be removed unless posted by a club member. d) Images provided or linked to the advert must be of the actual item in question. All adverts must include a price, either firm or negotiable. e) Members should avoid placing personal contact details (email, phone number, address) within an Ad. Please take appropriate precautions if arranging to meet. f) Ads placed by non-members as replies to Wanted ads, or to Members sale ads will be removed. g) Similarly, ads placed in other thread by non-members (offers to sale etc) will be removed. h) We recognise that on occasion, through the natural progression of a thread, that a member might identify that they have a particular part etc that may be of interest to the original poster. Please restrict such offers to a PM. i) eBay: links to eBay auctions, for the purposes of providing further information, may be placed with the advertisement but the item must be fully described in the initial post. This applies to advertisements in all related For Sale sections. Links to eBay auctions are not permitted in the “Off Topic Sales" forum. Wanted Ads a) Wanted Ads can be placed by all registered users of the forum, and must be posted in the appropriate “Sales and Wants” forum. 11. Contact Details a) Should you wish to report any inappropriate post please use the “Flag” link at the bottom of the post and a moderator will review the post and take action as appropriate. b) If you have a serious complaint and wish to contact a Club official please contact the BVAC web administrators. Please note: These rules are not intended to be exhaustive. From time to time we may find it necessary to use our discretion to keep things running smoothly and to keep the majority of people happy. This may involve acting on something not explicitly covered by the rules. Where we feel this is necessary the mod and/or admin teams will discuss the situation and act as we feel necessary. Any such decisions will be within the spirit of the existing rules and will normally take the form of a warning/request to a user, but depending on the scenario may be more severe.